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Gomez is Gone


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Canadiens to sit Scott Gomez for season, buy him out in summer

Gomez and his monstrous contract, will not be suiting up with the Canadiens this season. Instead he will be paid to sit at home for the 48-game season and then will be bought out this upcoming summer using one of the two amnesty buyouts granted to teams in the new CBA.

The fact that Gomez would be bought out in the summer of 2013 seemed like greatest guarantee in the NHL. His contract has been quite possibly the league's biggest eye sore in recent seasons (his or Rick DiPietro's with the Islanders). That part of it isn't necessarily unexpected. But asking Gomez to sit the whole season is the shakeup.

The reasons for doing it would seem to be two-fold. First of all, frankly, Gomez hasn't been a terribly big help to the Habs on the ice. New GM Marc Bergevin would probably like to begin life after Gomez despite the fact that his salary and cap hit will still be with the Canadiens this season. That's No. 1.

Secondly, the Habs don't want to risk any injury to Gomez that would mess up any plans to buy him out over the summer. With the salary cap going down next season, the Canadiens couldn't afford to have Gomez be in a position where he couldn't be bought out because of injury.

"The safest way for us to do that [buy Gomez out] without risking injury was to send him home," Bergevin explained.

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Gotta be a big blow to the ego of a guy who was once quite a productive player. He deserves it though, once his slump started, his play and overall hustle went out the window. If you are only contributing 2 goals a year, you better be playing an all out energy game and keeping opponents off the score sheet.

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