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Datsyuk Staying!


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While it cannot be official until July 5 per the CBA, it appears that Pavel Datsyuk is dispelling the rumors and working on a 3-year extension to his contract with the Detroit Red Wings. Looks like the magician will be adding a few more performances.


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Nice to see quality players stick with one franchise. Great move by both parties.

You know, this is really Steve Yzerman's legacy, that great players choose to stay and accept "reasonable" salaries to allow the organization to afford to build a supporting team around them. Yzerman made the sacrifice by his own volition when there was no salary cap because he wanted to win and was willing to sacrifice both salary and his offensive nature to play more defensively. Success followed. Lidstrom followed suit. Federov bolted for the bucks and never was the same player ever again. Other players who chose to stay, followed Yzerman's and Listrom's lead. Hossa, when he came, was told, "No one makes more than Nick." He chose to come. We have found a nucleus of players (Z, Datsyuk, Kronwall, and Howard) who all get it, and the team has them locked for the long haul.

You've gotta know that there is a lot of good within the organization for these players to want to stay and play in Detroit instead of taking more $ or going to cities that have more to offer than Detroit--which is pitiful in comparison to many others, I must admit. But they all have a sense of understanding what they have in being a part of the organization. The legacy. The fan base. The leadership in the front office. Babcock and the supporting coaches. That stuff matters, to some degree more than money. And let's be honest, if the wives like where they live, they LIKE the idea of staying in one spot too, and that is HUGE!

Yzerman started it. Lidstrom continued it. The nucleus continue to demonstrate it. The front office remains dedicated to it, because it has led to success. It's a large part of our continued success, and we owe a tip of the helmet to Steve Yzerman for changing the system and showing that it can work. That's why I consider him one of the best captains ever, because his legacy continues far beyond his exit.

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@SpikeDDS Can't agree more. See also the other topic we were discussing of whether Hossa should be picked up if the 'Hawks buy him out. Gives you a peek inside last summer where both Parise and Suter signed with Minnesota. Michigan is close enough to Minnesota (particularly for Suter who lives in Wisconsin, of all places). Had the Wings made the same offer or better for them, they'd be in a Wings sweater right now.

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