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Jake Allen


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from NHL.com...

Jake Allen: A dark-horse candidate, but the impending restricted free agent could be a prime candidate for an offer sheet -- and as we saw last summer, Holmgren is not shy about going after restricted free agents. The Blues will have to spend big to sign defensemen Alex Pietrangelo and Kevin Shattenkirk to new deals, as well as forward Chris Stewart, all of whom will be restricted free agents if not signed by July 5. If the Flyers make a big-money offer, will the Blues match and potentially risk being unable to sign one of their other core players?

A Mason/Allen tandem might be interesting... Hadn't thought of him until I read the article on NHL.com

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@bullies I like the thought process, I'm just a bit unsure about the long term potential of Jake. He played very well for a 2 week stretch this year, but then the wheels fell off....hard. That's the norm for a young goalie in this league, so I don't really hold it against him....I just got left wondering when I saw him play at the end of that nice string which went south. He was bad enough to make me wonder. Having said all that, without looking up his stats, I'm pretty sure they finished decent. Bottom line, 2 goalies in front of him were hurt and he came in and played like a champ, so he did his job, plus some. I'm just iffy on the whole thing. Personally, I feel Blues management will deal 1 of the 2 starters and sign Jake on the cheap. That gives them the return on the goalie and gives you a 1 mill back up. Don't think Jake could command any more than that. Halak makes a lot more than Elliott, and is injury prone, so he might be the one to go.

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If the Flyers make a big-money offer

So they give up a 2nd rounder then have to pay their backup 3-3.3 mill per?????

I don't know about that...has to be a cheaper option...although he is just 22.

Need to think about that one.

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