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You guys see this? Blue Jackets shopping Bob

Guest Cheesesteak

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Homer couldn't have possibly known this right? That would imply he knew what he was doing, and had a plan.

Interesting theory, but Bob didn't have the leverage (when he was in Philly) to even hint he would want an outrageous salary to play going forward. A long shot, but maybe his agent goes on a huge pro-Bob rant, swearing his client was an amazing talent and some day would make 6mill + a year. Maybe Homer breaks this down, thinks he will be good going forward and decides to deal him now for the best he can get, before a great season puts him in a spot to lose him for nothing....big reach, but that line of thinking is possible now, due to this latest installment.

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If he was anywhere but Colombus, Ohio I'd say no way he heads back. Everything we read about him when he was in Philly, it was all about how psyched he was to be in the NHL, he amazed himself that he landed the job so quickly and had the early success...etc. And 2 years later to top it all off the NHL recognizes his achievment and hands him the Vezina Trophy...How could a guy walk away from that just for more money?

Buuuuut.... I do wonder about the CBJ, what kind of atmosphere it is for a young NHL star...now that Nash is gone Carter's gone...and every time Bob looks over at the bench he sees Michael FreakinLeakin Leighton...that's enough to depress anybody. But not only on the ice but the whole life out there. Think about it, Midwest America. Yipes...me I wouldn't last a week...

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