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Shanny, Cheli, Nieds and Shero!

Guest yave1964

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Congratulations to the four people immortalized by the Hall of Fame today, all well deserving to be there. Good to see the Hall bag less than their limit some very good candidates but you don't need four every year.

Shanny was my all time favorite player, a 40 goal scorer who had a mean nasty streak as well. I still remember the greatest Hockey fight that I ever saw, where Shanny met Roy in mid air in front of the turtling Lemieux who was getting destroyed by Darren Mac

Common theme from this class. Chelli would never back down, drove Hextall out of is mind one year as I am sure you Flyer fans sadly remember, Shero was the brilliant architect of the Broad Street Bullies Shanny never met a scrap he didn't like (Ironic if you think about his current job) and Niedermayer was certainly not someone you wanted to run into in a dark alley or a corner fighting for the puck. I loved to hate him.

Congratulations to all!!

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@yave1964 Yes, congrats to all! I'm glad Shero finally got in! Would like to see that Shanny/Roy fight...haha

You can't watch that one too many times!

Shanny was one of my faves also. He was the one that I have always felt made Bowman look brilliant, because Bowman would bench him for a game or two as a healthy scratch when he didn't feel like he was playing his best hockey, and MAN when Shanny returned to the ice, he was almost always lights-out for the next few games.

And the fights. Shanny didn't always play smart or safe when he was propositioned. It could be the end of a shift. Didn't matter. Never saw a fight opportunity he didn't like. Few like him in the game now, especially at his size.

That's my favorite fight I've ever seen also, although there was one fight, and forgive me for not remembering who it was, but it was Bob Probert vs. another goon towards the end of their careers and they let loose on one another and the officials came in to separate them and they BOTH told the officials to get the F out of there, and kept right on at it until they were spent. Came to roughly a draw.

Those two are may faves. Even better than '98 Ozzie vs. Roy. The Turtle has to take it for sure though!

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