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Filing for arbitration?


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What does that exactly imply?

Saw that Bogosian, among alot of others, has filed for arbitration. Can the Flyers exploit this to our advantage or is it strictly an arbitrator setting the value of a contract based on player performance/projection?

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The player can no longer entertain offer sheets. An arbiter will determine a price based performance and "comparable" numbers and their salaries.

Once set, the team can accept the arrived at terms, or walk away and the player becomes a UFA. The player also has some ability to refuse, but I don't know the details on how exactly that works.

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ok.So in these cases it is the player that initiates the process due to not being able to come to terms with the club?

In Bogosian's case, he and the Jets couldn't agree on terms and he then filed for arbitration because, most likely, his agent recommended it?

It would be interesting to know what actually happens if the player refuses the terms laid out by the arbitrator.

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Arbitrations usually get ugly due to the way the ownership side will pick everything apart about a player's performance and anything else they can use to lowball the offer. Most of the time the sides come to terms without having to use the arbitor which when done more often than not, leaves both sides feeling cheated......

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