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Melrose rumor - Miller to Penguins

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Mr know it all is at it again.  Suggesting the Penguins may be able to land Ryan Miller at the deadline.   BS I say.  First of all, what do they think they are going to give us for Miller?  A second round draft pick?  Not going to work and we are not going to get sucked in.  I cannot stand  Melrose.  His return to coaching should have been enough proof what a moron he is.

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Miller is a UFA after this season.  He could bring a lot at the deadline; he could also be dumped by Buffalo if there isn't a ton of interest in him.  Dumped as in, we'll take whatever we can get, rather than lose him for nothing. 

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Fleury and Ryan miller in a deal, hmmmmmm My wife LOVES Ryan Miller, a few years ago Lindy Ruff has a niece who was dating one of my kids and his niece found out my wife was a Miller fan, and got a autographed game jersey for the wife as way of sucking up. My wife considers it one of her prized possessions.

It makes sense in a way. Fleury gets to start over, nobody realistically expects Buffalo to do anything any time soon, he gets to get his mental health back together. Miller would get a chance to win is cup, low risk for the Pens, if he continues the slide that he has been in he will be an UFA and they go elsewhere next year. If he gets his game back together he could be the answer. Miller needs a change of scenery IMHO. Doubt there is anything to it but hey, I can see the logic.

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