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St. Louis named Lightning Captain


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I think Giroux is St Louis v 2.0.


Love St Louis.


From your post to the hockey Gods' ears - the old and the new.


I kinda haveta get a St. Louis jersey with the C on it. Second best player to come out of the University of Vermont. :D

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St Louis should have been Captain years ago.


I'll disagree. Tampa was Vinny's team as long as he was there. St. Louis was very comfortable riding shotgun.


But, having jettisoned the face of the franchise, he is the logical choice to bridge the gap the next few years to Stamkos. 


Tampa made the right call.

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Martin St. Louis has always been an unselfish leader.  I watched him at UVM.  He got hacked, grabbed, slashed and mugged..  He never made a public stink about it.  Just shut his mouth and did his job.  Same thing in Calgary.  They were too dumb to realize his ability, but he didn't whine.  Tampa gave him a chance and he shined. 


He's an exceptional person.  I think he got that from his Dad, who went into the mills before his tenth birthday. 


I'm glad for him.  It's an honor he's earned.

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