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Black Hawks


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Does anyone think that the Hawks will win their third Stanley Cup.?

First, welcome. New blood always welcome.

I picked the hawks last year and believe they are the team to beat this year in the West. Losing Stallberg and Bolland hurts but Shaw and Bickel get the opportunity to move up, and Saad is a future scoring machine. In short, this club is loaded.

Welcome aboard!

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It surely is possible that the Hawks could win a third cup.  Their team is set for this and next season, and management has committed to keeping Toews and Kane.  They are really set as a group for 4-5 years.


They have some solid competition in the West of course and injuries often play a key role. But yeah they could win a couple of cups in the next 5 years.

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I hope so :)


  At this point, however, I am a little concerned that they are allowing goals in the third period, particularly when they are leading in the third period, so hopefully they can shore up that issue.  I think they will work it out.


  Big home-and-home series with last season first-round opponent Minnesota stating tomight ...

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Yes, I think the Hawks have a very good chance to win again this year, what a solid team. And yet, so much lethal competition is coming out of the West this year....YOW!!   :o 


@Chicago Hawkie  Really looking forward to our match-up next month! Should be a good one!  (And so grateful you don't have Byfuglien anymore!) ;)  

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  It was a great game ... the kind that has typified Blackhawk hockey last season.  Unfortunately, I had to DVR much of it because I was tired from work and went to bed early.  What was amazing was that the Hawks' onslaught began late in the 2nd period after the Wild tied the game.

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