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Great Article by Meltzer...


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Thanks to @fan4ever for finding this.  It was such a well written article I decided to give it its own thread for discussion.  I also posted part of hit under the  Rosehill thread.


Learn something new.   I did not know  coach had a choice on how multiple penalties can be served.

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hm, good article as usual from Meltzer but I believe he's inaccurate when he writes "a fracas ensued at centre ice. Rosehill saw it, left the box and jumped into the scrum." (emphasis mine)


Rosehill never entered the box so he couldn't possibly have "left the box."


Maybe it's a small point but it certainly changes the story, saying Rosehill was in the penalty box and left it, instead of what he actually did, which was skate toward it and then turn around.


at least that's how I remember it - and I'm pretty sure I'm right.


anyway Thanks for the link Doc!


[edit: and again later in the story Meltzer says: "Jay Rosehill's actions in leaving the penalty box to jump into the fray at center ice..." (emphasis mine)


Does anyone remember for sure whether Rosehill actually entered the penalty box? I would swear he didn't but since Meltzer says it twice I'm starting to wonder if my memory is (once again) failing me.]

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you are right, he never was in the box. what he did was a little bone headed, but I like how he stood up for a teammate. just need to do it right next time. right person, bad timing. don't haul someone down after they left the scrum. also, bad part of the game to help the other team.

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At all...

Yes everyone is correct, Rosehill never made it to the box. It was really a dumb play on his part. Could have cost the Flyers the game.

Why is Rosehill on the ice or in a Flyers uniform? Bring up McGinn, Raffl or anybody else. Aren't the Flyers tired of goon stereotypical Broad Street type players yet?

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