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Favorite hockey rivalry

Chicago Hawkie

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Okay, folks ... you had to have known this thread was coming!  :D


What is your all-time favorite hockey rivalry, whether it be from today's game or in previous decades, and whether it involves your team or other teams?


I liked Detroit-Colorado and Dallas-Edmonton when I first began watching hockey.  The 1996 playoffs, where Claude Lemieux laid that nasty hit on Kris Draper in the final game of that playoff series, was the first season that I watched the playoffs.  In the 1997 playoffs, the Edmonton Oilers scored a huge upset by knocking off the up-and-coming Dallas Stars.


As for the Blackhawks, I like the Chicago-Vancouver rivalry, although the teams have not met in the playoffs for the last two seasons.

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In recent years the Flyers-Penguins rivalry has become a favorite of mine. This dating back to I would say 2007-8 time frame with the two teams battling in the playoffs. Also, I have in-laws on the other side of the state (PA) and it is great to have back and forth banter with them regarding our respected clubs. 


After that, I would have to say Buffalo v Tronno. 

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Outside of my blinding hate for the Pittsburgh Penguins which clouds my judgement in ways it shouldn't.

I would say my favorite Rivalry in the East is Montreal vs Boston, with the realization that at any given moment the rivalry is like fire to kindling wood in favor of one or the other.

In the west historically Avs/ Wings was awesome and may be again but the Avs have been so bad recently it hasn't been as heated. Now though LA and St Louis have had some pretty acrimonious yet well played playoff series. So that gets my vote for right now


always hate the penguins

Habs / Broons


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It's like that when the Hawks and Red Wings meet and I'm often bantering with my dad and brother.  It's a good way to drain my cell phone battery.  :lol:

gotta agree Wings/Hawks. With the Wings in the East hope we get something going with the Bruins and or the Leafs

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I've been watching NBC Sports Networks' NHL RIvals and they recently had Flyers-Penguins ... it's amazing how that rivalry has flared up again in the "Sidney Crosby era".


They will have Penguins-Capitals next.  Although I'd like to see some Western Conference rivalries better represented (after the first installment, which was Hawks-Blues, it's been all Eastern Conference coverage since then), it will be interested gaining some more insight into all of the major rivalries and how they began ...

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The Wild and The Blackhawks or The Redwings.

First, welcome to the forum!


  Second, the Wild and Hawks has all the makings of a solid rivalry geographically and simply because of division proximity as well. The two have faced each other in the post season two years in a row, if this keeps up and a good old fashioned hate brews ala the old North Stars in the Norris division against the Hawks and Wings than I think I will be forced to start circling games between these two on my TV schedule every year.

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