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LaFontaine on the road searching for a GM

Buffalo Rick

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I was listening to XM Sirius with Phil Esposito and they were discussing in length the search in Buffalo and Pat LaFontainne's search for a GM.  Many names came up and even Wayne Gretsky who I guess has some interest.  His father still goes to Sabres games and he went to many as a kid watching the French Connection.  So Buffalo has a place in his heart.  Messier?  Not sure.  I would prefer Gretsky if one of those were chosen but Dudley to me makes the most sense.  I expect we will know something before Xmas.  But I guess you never know.  Whoever it is has a bundle to work with.  He will have alot fo picks to mull over.  And decisions as to who is gone and who stays.   Here are some  of my thoughts


Stay:   Ott, Ennis, Hodgeson,  Erhoff,  Psyck,  Myers,  




Gone:  Stafford, Leino, Weber, McBain, Tropp,  Tallinder



On the Fence:   McCormick, Flynn           Ryan Miller


Of course I am not includiing the very young guys that just came in like Zadorov or Armia in this.   I think Foligno and Girgensons are locks to stay and have earned it.  I am really impressed with Girgensons.

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Oh Class.    Oh Class!!!    SHUT UP!!!!!!!!   


Sister Mary Rotten Crotch


If it makes you feel any better, I misspell Gretzky almost every single time.   I just want to put the "s" in there.  (In the interest of full-disclosure, I got the "z" in there this time but even while I was keenly aware of the spelling given the comments, my finger wanted the S!)

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