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Imagine, if you will...


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... a situation, where you are in a beer league game with a d-bag who has NO problem collaring a bloke with his arm around his neck, yet he complains when people react to the d-bag way he plays. This d-bag elbowed me down in a corner, and everyone hears me say "let's go you f***ing tosser, you p***y m***er f***er. The next shift i play against this guy I make certain to cross check, smack, punch and otherwise smack him around; yet he complains when this treatment is done BACK to him. Another hockey forum says I am a D-bag to complain about people who trip on purpose; though I GUARAN-F***ING-TEE that ANYONE who plays against this D-bag would drop the gloves against this D-bag.

I am NOT a bloke who wants to do this; I HATE dropping gloves, but this bloke 100% DESERVES getting schooled by those of us who don't appreciate the D-Bag moves. I had no FEWER than four blokes on my team who wanted a piece of this bloke. I whacked him five times in my last shift against him and hoped to freakin' CLOBBER this d-bag...

Were we wrong?!? Am I a D-bag for needing to defend my team's honour against such sludge play?!?

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@bunnyman  If you dish it out, you should be able to take it back. Problem is, things could escalate, and these beer leagues are usually just for fun. Gotta remember, most have to go to work the next day. Maybe look at kicking him out of the league?

There's good-natured physical play, then there's blokes like that guy. I heard the goon talking about how people were out to hurt him, not mentioning how he would hit from the blindside and the back.

I am not a full time player on that team, just a part-time fill-in for them. The team organiser gave him a good what for after the game. I don't know how often this chap comes out (as I have been there twice), but he won't last long. If his tenure isn't cut short by being kicked out, there will be chaps that will hurt him badly.

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Sounds like you need to look closer and see if somehow Claude Lemieux got into your league......

I bet Claude Lemieux didn't cry in the locker room about people hitting him back. Lemieux at least knew he would get it back, this guy expects everyone to just take it!!!! What a maroon!!!!

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