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Nathan Mackinnon


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   Colorado beat my Wings 3-2 in overtime, the game winning goal set up by Nathan Mackinnon who broke Wayne Gretzky's record with a point in his 13th consecutive game.


  13 straight games with at least a point for the leagues top rookie, at 18 and a half he looks like a grown man among boys. His speed and strength with and without the puck are amazing for someone his age. His hockey IQ is simply outstanding.


   He is part of an amazingly skilled group of forwards for the Avalanche led by Gabriel Landeskog and Matt Duchesne, the speed they have in the transition game had the Wings defense on their heals for much of the night. On the night we outshot them but had to respect their speed. When we got into 4 on 4 in overtime it opened the ice up for the Avalanche, one great opportunity after another for the Lanche until Mackinnon finally found Benoit who was all alone and did not miss.

  This is a solid bunch of rookies this year, MacKinnon has managed to step ahead of the pack and the sky seems to be the limit on his career.

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I saw this game too and couldn't agree with you more. For me there is no doubt whatsoever that McKinnon will win the Calder this year, barring some unforeseen injury. And even then I suspect he has done enough to seal the deal already.


I will be interested to see how they get on in the playoffs this year, they are certainly a contender but it might be one year too early for them. Next year, watch out, especially if they can add to their D. 

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He is only the league's top rookie because Hertl got injured :)


Hertl had 15 goals and 25 points in 35 games before Dustin brown hit him with that knee on knee(Third offense for Brown in that regard in the last 2 years). Mack had 7 goals and 20 points in 34 games.


Mack definitely looks fantastic though.

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