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Came out Flat


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Not knocking them to much with the way they been playing lately. I know you can't  win them all but their playing for the playoff lives! Every came especially next 3 BIG GAMES! Would be happy for 6 points  but would settle for 4 to 5. Giroux as to learn to come back to help no more gliding. Other wise Let's Go flyers!

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Overdue for a loss. I'd rather beat the teams we did (other than Dallas). As long as it doesn't turn into a slump we're fine. This is playoff hockey right now. You aren't going 16-0 in the playoffs.


Agreed. Although it would have been nice to beat the "Dry Island Twins" during their return to Philly.


I will be interested to see how they come out during the first 10 mins of the Rangers came tomorrow.

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Yeah, you knew a letdown game was coming. And as well as Razor played last night, I thought he was 'shaky' or 'slow' on the goals he did allow, if that makes any sense, especially the 2nd goal where he overplayed the shot and was out of position for the rebound.


In any case, it would have been nice to win against the Kings. But we didn't, so time to move on the Rangers game.


I'm headed to NY today for the game tomorrow. GO FLYERS!

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as FC stated this game was long overdue.  They just went through a touch schedule (very tough) and came out with some huge wins.  The classic "let down" game was sure to come sooner or later.  As long as the flat play is corrected on Wed and they come out of the gate skating they should be fine.  

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