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  1. Yeah, getting these college players on their ELCs is becoming a major concern. Loosing Allison is looking like a distinct possibility now, too. Going with Caulfield would've been a wise marketing move that likey would have pleased, dare I say all of flyerdom, let alone probably BPA...
  2. Does he like nachos? This should've been in the scouting report.....
  3. I haven't watched a single game this season. Mostly because I don't have cable TV and usually get center ice over the Internet. But being a flyer fan means that, due to national broadcasts, like 20+ games get blacked out, plus playoffs (supposing they get in). Factor in life/parenthood, goddam afternoon games (I'm not sitting inside on beautiful weekend days to watch tv!) Thursday night games (when I'm skating) and I'm really only seeing 30 games or so anyway. So in protest of center ice (hello, didn't I just pay for a full reason of hockey games!), I didn't re-up this year. I'v
  4. Sounds like a good objective. I think they can do it!
  5. Yeah, I can't stay conscious during these dark days either (and awoke just as you). I share too many traits in common with a bear - need to hibernate. These guys are steamrolling... good times in flyer-land!
  6. Ah yes, the ole "Carle" theory (of which, I was at least a part time subscriber) 'cept Mac costs more (woo-hoo...bonus!) I do this too, and perhaps it's unfair, but I can't help it.
  7. I don't even think I'd call Ghosts season a sophomore slump as this is more what I expected from him. You can tell that last year he was thrown in and didn't have time to think about playing/expectations and he just reacted. Now he's had an off-season and time to calculate his play. He'll figure it out. McDud, maybe he's not an asset in the traditional sense.....or academic sense....or practical sense...ok....doesn't make sense. But Ghost skated a lot with him last season too.
  8. Yeah no doubt about Ghost. Last year was just...magic. there's no way that continues in perpetuity, even for superstars. As you say, he will be fine once he rounds out his game. His confidence will strengthen again. - then, look out!
  9. There is absolutely nothing wrong with using Couter as 3rd line center. He's proven perfect for that role and really never given reason to be anything else. It's only because he was a top 10 pick that we want to mash him into a round hole - he's a square peg folks and one of the best.
  10. Naw, Coda wasn't a studio album - just leftovers from the heap...And still better than most bands top records.
  11. That was that long ago?! I was thinking maybe '06-07? Christ -I'm old....
  12. That was my suspicion (first time with GCL) I wish they would just send in the broadcast feed or whatever, include their ads for all I care. But I don't get nbc, and I'm not doing a dish or anything. Why must I go to multiple sources for hockey games, seems foolish to me.
  13. This one's blacked out on GCL too! WTH. So sick of this bull.... did I pay for the games or what?
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