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Name a top Prospect in your team's pool And tell us why they caught your eye.

J0e Th0rnton

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Admittedly, the Sharks seem to find diamonds later in the drafts(Pavelski), , or they take guys like Couture 9th who were not expected to go before 20th and it pans out. Hertl was not very highly regarded either and analysts were surprised we went for him so early(Thank you Euro Scouting) and was well ahead of Mackinnon for the calder this season before his injury(Brown will pay!!!!!).


Anyways, I figured this would be a nice way to get to know some prospects from other teams. I kinda track prospect development and watch videos. I knew Pavelski was going to be a great player and I knew Couture was going to be a great player. Couture's below average skating terrified me at first, but then I realized he is soooo good at positioning and reading the play and thinks defensive minded.


In any case, Mirco Mueller, who was just drafted, looks great. Needs to put on around 20 pounds of muscle to fill his frame, but he is young lol. The kid reminds me of a young Vlasic with better skating. His positioning, poise and mobility make me hope he works himself into around a #3 defenseman in the NHL, Maybe #2 if he can improve offensively.


Likely will not see him called up to NHL level for 2-3 years while he develops(And eats about a hundred steaks and protean shakes), unless there is an emergency.

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Teemu Pulkinnen was taken in the fourth round of the 2010 draft, he played for Jokerit in the Finland elite league until this season when he joined the Griffins in Grand Rapids.


  I watch most every Griffin game, I miss the odd one but very few. He leads the team in scoring with 55 points and leads the team with 30 goals as well.


  Watching him, he reminds me of a young Brett Hull. He winds up and just fires the puck for all that he is worth, The slap shot is a dying art but this guy seems to be ready to bring it back. Not the biggest guy but a big, big shot. He will likely bounce back and forth between Grand Rapids and Detroit next season and be in the NHL for good by the following year. And when you factor in all of the Grand Rapids players who are already making a difference with the club and realize that he has the best shot of the bunch you just gotta love this guy.

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THAT was insane. Between the legs, one on two, against a red hot goalie. This kid looks to be one of the steals of the draft.

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evander kane plays for winnipeg, he is a high end player, great skater, and obviously wants to win, very competetive,but there has been a bit of unrest around his

attitude and behavior in the winnipeg area, so perhaps the jets would consider letting him move.


he is from b.c., and i would love having him on the canucks, so with trevor linden being the new pres. of hockey ops.

and hopefully a new coach coming soon, (i detest torterella, i think he mismanaged the team this year, overplaying

the top players way too many minutes, glueing his 4th line to the bench), hence injuries and fatigue, anyway off topic).

evander will settle down, especially if he is brought back home, i love watching him play, even though he is still growing

up, he could be a great player on the canucks, for many years.


canucks have the 6th overall draft pick, maybe they can package that along with another player, and make it happen.

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Connor Brown, because he was a top scorer in the OHL this past season. This may not make him a top prospect because of his apparent lack of NHL potential according to scouts, but somehow that still puts him miles ahead of the rest of what the Leafs call a cesspool...I mean "prospect pool".

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