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Is Garth Snow following the playoffs?


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Well at least Snow didn't sign Clarkson for over 5M for 7 years.  


Nino probalby would have made a nice winger for Tavares but he has also played a lot of 3rd line minutes this season with the Wild.  Clutterbuck is a good player but unfortunately for the Islanders had a bad year with injuries, Minny fans hated to see him go.

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Just read it. We are probably the worst run franchise in hockey right now... and it looks like no one inside NYI is interested in changing that.



This...the bolded.

And if the Isles aren't number one in management futility, they are certainly in the top 4 or 5.


A damned shame too as the Isles are in a pretty good hockey market, are set to move to a much nicer arena within the NYC limits, which I would imagine could only bolster the fanbase, despite the market being shared with both the Rangers and Devils, AND they do have some pretty decent to good players on the team and perhaps even in the minors who, under the right circumstances, can thrive and be full-on NHL players.


Unfortunately, the NY Islanders beast stinks from the head down.

Charles Wang simply MUST sell the team....and hopefully for the Isles fans, it is to someone who really understands, or at the very least LOVES the sport of hockey.

Hey, even if a new owner is not a hockey genius, if he is a savvy enough businessman to hire the right people and let them run it, all should be well...he just has to have a passion and care for the sport, the franchise, and its fanbase.


And speaking of the 'right people' running things, Garth Snow, certainly, is NOT that.

And neither was Mike Milbury before him...not counting Neil Smith, because Smith was lucky enough to be fired by Wang very shortly after taking over.


Should the Islanders get a competent ownership and management group, the franchise will be fine.

Anyone who says the Isles "don't have talent" haven't looked around the league and see former Isles players carving pretty nice careers for themselves....such as the article you linked shows.


Even though I am not an Isles fan at all, I do feel for the fanbase because of the simple fact I am a Tampa Bay Lightning fan, and I have seen my fair share of my team go through ups and downs (whooole lotta downs) with regards to personnel, management, AND ownership.


Wasn't too long ago that the circus sideshow of Len Barrie and Oren Koules ran things in Tampa...with Barry Freakin Melrose as our head coach.

And before that, we had disinterested ownership in William Davidson and were for quite a while the laughing stock of the league due to players at the tail ends of their careers being signed so they can "collect checks and bask in the Florida sun".


Hell, if it weren't for the original owner Phil Esposito and even Wayne Gretzky endorsing the franchise through the bad times, there may not be a TB Lightning team today.


But since those dark times, the Bolts have been bought by Jeff Vinik, a sports and hockey fan, and while he is far from a hockey Einstein, he knows enough, and more importantly, has been smart enough to hire REAL hockey people to run the club...and the results have been quite good.


I can only hope the Isles as a franchise can find that stable ownership footing.

About the ONLY guy I can think of who doesn't want Wang to sell the team is Garth Snow.

Because once Wang does, and the new owner has ANY sense at all, Snow will not be manning the GM's chair.

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I have to agree with almost everything you said. We actually have good players in our team, but that's not enough... Wang doesn't really have any passion and care for the franchise or the fanbase.

And Snow, well... He's just terrible. Sometimes I just wonder if he's not a Rangers fan trying to destroy us with the worst signings and trades I've ever seen in my entire life (just watch picture below).





What do they all have in common? Yeah... so depressing.

I believe there's only going up when Wang sells the team and Snow / Capuano get ''relieved of duties''. I really believe that, in 4-5 years and with a competent management, we will become a regular playoff team. If I didn't believe in this, I wouldn't be a true Islanders fan, right?

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