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Flyers 5th last is goals against per games played...


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...according to NHL.com this morning at 3.19 which is only better than Arizona, Edmonton, Columbus (perhaps the most injured team in the NHL) and Buffalo.  They are also in the same position when it comes to shots against per game at 33.2.  They also have the 2nd worst PK rating at 71.2%. 


Conversely, the Flyers are 3rd in goals per game at 3.19 and 5th in power play percentage at 24.6%. So that is the bright side.


Even with the apparent lack of secondary scoring those are not the stats of a playoff team.  I know this should come as no surprise to anybody watching this team but they are not going anywhere until the defense is getting fixed (insert dead horse.gif here).  The question is whether this is a 1, 2 or 3 year fix.  Even if the Flyer's youth on D are the saviors, realistically they are likely 2 years at absolute best at making a collective impact once they get to the NHL and adjust to the NHL. 


I guess I need to be prepared to watch this level of play for a few years.   Oh well.  Playoff hockey is so boring anyway. :ph34r:


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I am still trying to figure out where Ray Emery will be sleeping after "totally $hitting the bed" last night.......I thought Bryz was back in goal for a couple of those goals....

Two were on him. The rest was bad team defense.

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