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Berube's lines

King Knut

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Why the hell would you put Schenn back at center with Rinaldo and Jake?

If it's me, I'm putting Coots at center on that line and playing read and Umberger less minutes and transferring those minutes to Vinny's line while he's scoring.

Why put a Wing who get who can't produce on the top line with Schenn playing center (switching positions) on the TOP line that plays the most minutes a night?

Why not put another center who plays the next most minutes a night and has shown offensive skill when not saddled with Umberger and Read?

Failing that why not try Laughton who isn't helping Simmonds much right now, so maybe jake will be the key?

How about Vinny? A center at least.

Why screw with schenn's head again? And Rinaldo? He has it's place but line 1?

I dint get berube at all on this. Then again I rarely do get his thinking in lines.

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