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24 in a row the lousy way


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Congratulations to the Detroit Red Wings for making the playoffs for,the 24th season in a row. Yeah.

But they can't be accomplishing it in much worse fashion.

Howard was both brilliant and incompetent this game, making a few unbelievably good saves, and then letting in a couple of softies, ESPECIALLY the game winner in OT. JUST. CAN'T. HAPPEN. I'm sure he will start in our last regular season game giving him one more game to try to forget the end of this one, but I don't think it will be enough. There WILL be a goaltending issue in the SCPs. <sigh>

Pavel had a fantastic game, as did Helm. Beautiful shorty for Darren. Man, I just wish he could learn to finish like that on a regular basis. As many chances as his speed gives him, a few more goals would be good.

Our PP needs fixing, and the trouble is that Motreal just showed us what playoff PKs look like, and we SUCKED! If our PP is as ineffective as it was tonight, we are done in the first round.

Finally, what a stupid thing Brendan Smith did, swiping at that puck on the bench giving them the 5-on-3! Haven't been that mad at Smith the second half of this season I don't think. STUPID!

Nonetheless, we are in, and now,it's just a matter of WHERE.

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I'm afraid the Red Wings are one round and done this year.  And while I'm a Flyers fan, I actually like the Wings.  So I'm sorry to say that they just have a LOT to overcome if they're going to get past the first round (or the opponent has to collapse).  


Looks like they may need to think long and hard about goaltending.   I suppose they could call it an off year for Howard, but it seemed to me to be more of the same with him.  Otherwise, it really is a testament to drafting and development that a team that never has a high draft pick can continue to get itself into the post season.  I know that's said so much it's almost cliché at this point, but it's also true.


Good luck in the playoffs, though, and enjoy!

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That overtime goal by Eller was appalling. Howie should have kept it out, period. That said, he also had a few toe saves and did look brilliant at times.

That bench minor called on Smith giving the Habs a 5-3 with 8 minutes to go was absurd.

Overall, I think we played a good game, and in truth it worked out perfect. With Montreal getting two points they likely clinch the division meaning that with a point against the Canes we draw the Lightning. I think it is agreed, Montreal of all the potential first round matchups is the one we LEAST want.

So silver lining, we clinched a playoff spot, 98 points, the century mark still within reach with a win Saturday. We look like we will be playing the Lightning. And really, we played a very good road game against one of the top three teams in hockey.

Overall, I will take it.

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Come on! Everybody join in...





Yup. Goaltending issue. One is not yet ready. The other is STILL not ready. <sigh>


One and done or I will be surprised.


Maybe Blashill will be able to have them ready by next year's playoffs.

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I thought you played against Montreal?   :D

Smart alec, lol.

Seriously, the Habs are gonna win the division with the second best record in the East and the second or third best in al of hockey. Tough team with Price in net.

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