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Watch: Emotional Babcock gives final farewell

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Babs thinks differently. I will miss his carefully censored honesty, and that's what you were seeing, but less censored, hence the emotion. I believe every word of what he said. I LOVE that he said the money wasn't nothing. OF COURSE it wasn't nothing! But I also loved the fact that he recognizes that after preaching the same message for 10 years, the message isn't as potent as it was the first few years. There is message fatigue in this game. He wanted fresh ears to hear his message. He wanted a new challenge. And he wanted $50M. And even his wife couldn't say no to all that. He is who he is, and she knows that. She knows that he'd be forever kicking himself if continuing with the Wings didn't work out with a Cup. And if the Wings win a Cup in the next few years, I still don't think he will regret his decision much. Like Bowman, he will always feel a part of the organization, despite coaching for, historically, what many still say is the Wings' archrival.


I think it genuinely hurts him leaving. I think the $50M makes leaving easier. I think he left for the right reasons. I think if Toronto can't win with him at the helm, they are hopeless. I also think he genuinely believes in Blashill as an up-and-coming coach.


One thing about Babcock: he never says anything he doesn't believe. He doesn't lie. He will duck questions, usually with a big knowing smile. But when he says something he means what he says, even if what he says doesn't directly answer the question he was asked. So when he praises Jeff Blashill like he did, that says something. If he didn't really believe he was the man for the job, he would simply have deferred to Kenny Holland's wisdom, and dodged by saying it is KH's decision. He didn't do that. When he answers questions directly like that, he believes what he is saying.

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