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Update: Glen Sather passes the Torch


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Here is a stat for you: The longest reigning GM in the NHL is Ken Holland of the Detroit Red wings. 1997 to present. In that time, he has won four Stanley Cups.


Second longest is Davis Poile of the Nashville Predators. He has not won any cups to date.


Third longest 2000 to present; Glen Sather no cups in fifteen years. His Rangers legacy will be trading all those first round draft picks for players who just can't get it done.


alsO BY picking Hugh Jessiman when he could have had Bobby Perry, Ryan Getzlaf, Ryan Kesler, Mike Green amongst others.


Let's not forget Claude Giroux. He was told by the Rangers that they were going to take him in the draft if he was available. So when it was their turn to pick, they took Bobby Sanguinetti  whom I might add was the player the Flyers were targeting. So when they picked Bobby S. The Flyers took Giroux.


Good going Glen. Maybe it's time to retire!!

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@Paparanger  Welcome to the forum!!



   Yeah, I remember that like it was yesterday, the Rags took Bobby, and we took G with the very next pick. There was a whole whack of Flyer fans (myself included) who really wanted Bobby to be a Flyer, thank the good Lord that never transpired.


 The one really brutal pick that stands out is Slats drafting Dylan Mcllrath with the #7 pick overall. At the time, it was shocking cause the guy was ranked late 1st, even early 2nd....for good reason, he was a big beast who could not skate to save his life. What a horrible pick!!

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I can only think that Slats has nude pics of the CEO in a compromising position or something, lol.


Hey welcome to the forum! Good to see a Ranger fan in here with a sense of the teams history. Lots of great posters in here, feel free to look around other team sights, the history of the game section is well manned and very interesting, keep posting and bring a friend!

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You got your wish.



The third-longest tenured general manager in the NHL has stepped aside.

On Wednesday, the New York Rangers announced that Glen Sather — who’s been in charge since June of 2000 — has ceded GM duties to his longtime assistant, Jeff Gorton.
With the move, Gorton becomes the 11th general manager in New York Rangers history.
While reports of a new GM are always noteworthy, this one is more about the man passing the torch. Over the last 15 years, Sather has been a constant presence in New York, leading the club to the playoffs in nine of the last 10 seasons and one Stanley Cup Final (which the Rangers lost, to the Kings, in 2014).
Though the club was unable to hoist Lord Stanley’s Mug during the Sather era, it did achieve a number of successes — including this year, when the team won a franchise-record 53 games and captured the Presidents’ trophy for the first time since 1994.
As for Gorton, he gets the Rangers gig after being hotly pursued by a number of clubs, including the Boston Bruins. He’s been working under Sather since 2007 and, prior to joining the Rangers, earned widespread praise for his previous work with the Bruins, having orchestrated theTuukka Rask-for-Andrew Raycroft trade.



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So after all these years of complaining I finally get my wish. Glen Sather has stepped down as GM of the Rangers. Or did I? My problem is that he is still involved with the team as president and I fear that his ego won't allow him to stay away from player involvement.


Sure I got my wish to see Gorton as GM, but Sather has left this team teetering on the bubble. The organization is up against the cap with no way of getting that player they need to get them over the hump. They signed three or four free agents that are basically farm-team  type guys. They lost Haglin and didn't get great value for Talbot. We still have Rick Nash (Another Sather blunder for 7.8 mil per)  


Hopefully, the Rangers won't trade any more draft picks and they will get some first rounders in the next few years. The good news is that some of these 5 plus mil contracts will be coming to an end and hopefully so will the players who are attached to them ie; Dan Girardi for one.


anyway, Time will tell. 

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