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Ducks sign Shawn Horcoff


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Pretty decent signing seeing that Nate Thompson will likely be out for a while. 

You might rethink that after you see Horcoff play. He has been downhill for awhile now.


Honestly, I think Fehr would have been a better pick up.

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Yeah, Fehr would have been a really nice signing. His Hero Chart:




Fehr's been delivering 2nd line quality on 3rd line minutes. Shawn Horcoff, by comparison:




Age is catching up to Shawn Horcoff.


None of this means that the Ducks didn't try to get Fehr, or that Fehr even wants to play in Anaheim, or that Horcoff was a bad signing... Fans often assume it's a simple matter of going for the guy you want, when sometimes players simply aren't interested in going to certain teams no matter what.

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