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POLL: Greatest player in ducks history


Greatest player in Duck history  

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  1. 1. Who is the greatest all time Anaheim duck?

    • Paul Kariya
    • Teemu Selanne
    • Ryan Getzlaf
    • Corey Perry
    • J.S. Giguere

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mczB_05uWx6QqJXty-T3Ukw.jpgHere are the candidates for the greatest individual player in the Anaheim duck team history:


JSmCRafPi_tacWx49w0SZkOqg.jpg Giguere: A money goalie, all time leader by a wide margin in games (447) in net and in wins with 206. Won the Conn Smythe in 2002-03 in a losing effort, won the cup in net in 2007.


CRYIN' RYAN GETZLAF: Okay not a favorite of mine because nobody in the league cries more than he does, but the sucker can play. 2nd all time in scoring in a duck sweater, was a second team all star once. AND:



COREY PERRY: About impossible to think of one without the other isnt it? A lot like Trammell and Whitaker, the two go together and complete each other. Perry won the Hart as the leagues MVP in 2010-11 has twice been a first team all star and once led the league in goals scored. Will be second all time in team history in goals scored by the second week of the season.


PAUL KARIYA: Silky smooth skater scored 300 goals and 669 points in 606 games with the Ducks. 7 times he represented the Ducks in the All Star game, a team record, was a two time Lady Bing recipitent and was a first team all star 4 times, second team twice.


TEEMU SELANNE: The Finnish Flash came over from the Jets for a bag of steaming nothing, he went on to set every important record for the Ducks. He is all time in games played, in goals (457) assists (531) and points with 988. First team all star the year they won the cup and 2nd teamer twice. Twice led the league in goals scored in a season in a Ducks uni.


  That is about it, others who I considered were guys like Guy Hebert who was a very underrated tender with anaheim, Steve Rucchin, and maybe Scott Niedermayer but overall I think i got the list right. Happy voting.


WHO AM I? ma66c6cMq31LO3QfSMYFvqQ.jpgLatest installment, one for the Flyer fans to foam at the mouth over, lol.

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I had to think about this one for 0.00000003 seconds. Teemu Selanne is a no-brainer here to me.


Ilya Bryzgalov?




no contest in this poll


The goalie above who is unsure where the puck is  -- Sievegalov.  

I believe we can all unanimously agree that its not close because of how awe inspiring he was post 35, I can count the very few players on my fingers that were even comparable to him during his twilight years. Only way for Perry or Getzlaf to be rightfully compared to him is if they have a few more peak years or if they age just as well as Selanne. Otherwise, Selanne will be Anaheims greatest player for decades to come,

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