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Pavelski's goal vs preds

J0e Th0rnton

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Didn't watch the whole Preds-Sharks game, but did see bits n pieces as we were winding down our evening.

And I saw this as it was happening.


First I was like..."Oh wow...Pavelski's getting beat the ^%$& up!

Then I was like...."man...no penalties on that? Guy got battered and beaten!"

Finally, when he gets up and scores, I was like, "Meh, Pavelski don't care...he gots himself zee goal!"


That was on the tail end of some nasty sequences between the Sharks and Preds.

Needless to say Jumbo Joe and Shea Weber exchanged more than just a few unpleasant words throughout the game.


I am just wondering how the heck Pavelski felt THIS MORNING after that back alley mugging.....

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