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Leafs First Team in the NHL to Have a Bye Week? (And it sucks.)


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Whether the NHL has bye weeks officially or not, the Leafs have had one this week..... and it pisses me off. :angry:  The Leafs haven't played a game since December 8 (Tuesday). Their next game isn't until December 15 (Tuesday).


I think this is a terrible idea. This isn't the NFL. Hockey players are used to playing every few days, not once a week. It doesn't make any sense. They get a break at Christmas, another during the ASG, another during Olympic/World Cup tournaments, and then the entire playoffs (for Leafs players only).


A one week layoff is only going to kill momentum and take players out of their zone. 



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I'm dyin' here too. For the record, I'm also not in favor of the bye week. 


On a slightly related note - I took a look at the Marlies' schedule and they have 3 games in a row, back to back to back this week.. go figure.

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