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2018 Olympic Games - Korea

How interested / excited are you for the Ice Hockey portion of this years Olympiad?  

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  1. 1. How interested watching / excited are you for the Ice Hockey portion of this years Olympiad?

    • Really excited! I have my popcorn ready. Go Team USA / Go Team Canada! DVR is set!
    • Pretty interested. I'll catch the games if I can.
    • Disappointed .... What no NHL players this time around! - I might watch a few minutes here or there.
    • Meh .... I'll pass this time around. Might watch the Gold Medal game only.
    • Not at all .... Besides the NHL games will be far more entertaining. I will read about it in the box scores.

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So with the Olympic games starting this weekend, and NHL players under contract NOT attending this time around, the question begs to be asked.  How interested are you in the Ice Hockey tournament of this Olympiad? 


Personally I could care less this time.  Might catch a few minutes here or there and maybe watch the Gold Medal game.  Besides that is what Box Scores are for.

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I will watch, particularly if there is some "highlight" player whom NHL teams may have their eye on.


Just like juniors and college, for me, it is about watching some player the world doesn't really know a lot about, but the expert scouts predict could be a good NHL player.


If such a player exists on any Olympic squad this year, I don't know.

But if there is, I am sure the media would be all over it and it will trickle down to fans like me who don't normally follow hockey on a world scale.


Other than that, yea, the medal games should draw some interest from me, no matter which countries are in them.

Even without NHL players, the medals games SHOULD have the best of what they do have on there.

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Team USA roster:



Some highlights---



Jim Slater (former Atl Thrash/Wpg Jets)

Brian Gionta (f. Devil, Hab, Sabre)

Mark Arcobello (f. Leaf, Oiler)


On defense:

Mat 'Freakin' Gilroy! (f. Bolt, Sen, Ranger)

Jonathan Blum (f. Pred, Wild)

James Wisniewski (f. Jacket, among others)


And in goal...

David Leggio (f. career AHL'er).


Still say there is nothing to see on Team USA, @pilldoc ?  :IDunnoSmiley:

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Here is Team Canada's roster...... they actually have more former NHL caliber type guys in there.

Could be favorites.




Some forwards of note:

Linden Vey (Canucks, Kings)

Wojtek Wolski (Rangers, Avalanche)

Derek Roy (Sabres)

Rob Klinkhammer (Coyotes)

Rene Bourque (Habs, Flames, Hawks)

Chris Kelly (Bruins, Sens)



Ok, well, I don't recognize any of the names on defense....perhaps their Achilles Heel.... hehe.



Kevin Poulin (Islanders)

Justin Peters (Hurricanes)

annnd...the return of...

Ben Scrivens!  (Oilers and especially, the Leafs)

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Medal tracker general overview.

Those Germans are looking strong!





Changed links.

The one from Olympic.org is laid out better than ESPN's.

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1 minute ago, hf101 said:

Womens Hockey   USA vs Canada -- just might be the best hockey of the tournament, lol.


Watching some Habs at Avs (watching Bernier and Pacioretty for fantasy purposes), but I could flip between this and the women's game.

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24 minutes ago, TropicalFruitGirl26 said:

Tellin ya...whoever thinks women don't or can't play hockey as well as and as tough as the men do, haven't watched a US vs Can game.


They are definitely two skilled teams.  Without checking in the game I find it difficult to determine when Charging should be called on the aggressive offensive player and when interference should be called on the defending player.  Defensive players should be able to defend their position.  So I'm not so certain USA deserved a penalty there.

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