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If the playoffs started today...


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There are 17 games left and so much can happen between now and then.    Looking at the predictions as of this morning (below), if they go .600 -.700 (win 2, lose 1 streak) through the rest of the year I looks like it will be the Pens assuming they can figure out their losing ways.    It will be interesting to track this over the next couple weeks to see how it changes. 


3/3 - Match-up is:  Penguins 


I highlighted 30% or greater.




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My fear is overconfidence. Back in January, going in to what looked like an easy west coast stretch, they floundered, played bad, and made Hart look like a mistake. They are hot right now and playing great. They made 2 solid additions to sure up the bottom six, something that was exposed on that trip. So I get things are different. However the logo on the sweater is the same. This is the Flyers. We've been through this before

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I'm just excited that they have a legit chance at making the playoffs and maybe even winning a round.   It's been a long time.   It feels like most years in early March we are saying ----- 'well, if they go 13-3-1 over the next 17 the have a legit chance at making it'. 


It's just a nice feeling to have - hence the topic.

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I think out of the Caps, Pens and Islanders the Pens would be my 2nd choice.  Islanders (Canes) would be nice but Flyers would have to maintain this streak for a while to get them.  13-4.  Somewhere in that range.  

I have them going 10-7.  About another 20-23pts

At Caps L
Canes W
Sabres W
Bruins L
At Lightning L
Wild W
Oilers L
Blues L
At Stars W
At Preds L
Islanders W
At Red Wings W
At Devils W
Pens W
At Rangers W
Preds L
At Sabres W
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