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Tampa trades for David Savard from Blue Jackets


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Any Flyers hope of possibly acquiring Savard prior to the trade dead line are now gone. Savard traded to Tampa in a 3 team deal.




A busy day of trades continued on Saturday with the Tampa Bay Lightning adding another major piece to its lineup when it acquired defenseman David Savard in a three-team trade with the Columbus Blue Jackets and Detroit Red Wings.

The trade breaks down as follows:

Columbus receives: 2021 first-round pick (from Tampa Bay), 2022 third-round pick (from Tampa Bay)

Detroit receives: 2021 fourth-round pick (from Tampa Bay)

Tampa Bay receives: David Savard (from Columbus), Brian Lashoff (from Detroit)

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Everyone wins.


Tampa gets a solid playoff beast mode defender.


Columbus gets a couple of much needed picks


Detroit (?????) somehow gets in the middle of this one and adds a 4th rounder giving up AHLer Lashoff. I havent seen anything one way or the other but it is clear the Wings ate some of Savards salary to make the deal work.

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Holy moly... as the Lightning weren't good enough already. I hate them more and more, day by day, game by game. They are becoming like the 80's Oilers, but without any charismatic players. They are like a bunch of civil servants playing hockey 👺

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11 hours ago, pilldoc said:



Any Flyers hope of possibly acquiring Savard prior to the trade dead line are now gone. 




 Not born in Minnesota. Didn't go to school in Minnesota. Never played for the Wild. 


 Ya...there was never any hope.

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