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  1. Grubauer I believe is still an RFA which provides some value, and he finished out the season (minus his two playoff starts) fairly well. He would be a starter on a lot of teams...
  2. I agree with thenewestlights... Edmonton is playing welllllll below expectations..
  3. Is the KHL shutting down for the Olympics?
  4. Sad part is, she is making at least a million per year to make those damn commercials....
  5. Call J G WENTWORTH 8 7 7 CASH NOW! 8 7 7 CASH NOW!!!!
  6. It's early.. Although the Blues did just beat Edmonton last week!
  7. Heck I have seen players congratulate other players hitting them harder than that, in the exact same manner...
  8. It's never too early to start a Draft Thread!
  9. What spear? He tapped him with his stick..... lol
  10. Gotta go with the Oilers... WIth McDavid and Draisaitl, they should be the best bet out of the group... But we all know, anything can happen in hockey. One injury could make or break a team in either conference...
  11. Toronto? Organizational leadership? Sarcasm I hope? They've made the playoffs, what, twice in the last 15 or so years?
  12. It's a tough choice for me between Holtby and Murray. Both are excellent goalies, and both have squared off on numerous occassions. Holtby seems to succeed in the regular season, but when it comes down to the nuts and bolts, Murray has obviously been the better of the two.. Unfortunately for winning the big games, I have to go with Murray...
  13. Yeah, it would suck to go broke buying hats for your team eh? hahahaha
  14. Yeah, I really am not sure what the deal is either.. They would be smart to try and move Grubauer I think. I know he is a restricted FA in the offseason, but they have Ilya Samsonov most likely coming over from KHL, which would make Grubauer expendable. I fully expected him to go to Las Vegas in the expansion draft... Oshie and Ovechkin are doing their parts... The D needs to step up, but with Niskanen out now, who knows.
  15. Could be, or may it only valid within a certain portion of the ice... I'm not sure where you would make the magical line. I had an idea earlier and now it's not coming to mind. I hate getting old.
  16. The perennial chokers... They are choking now!
  17. Would be cool though. Good to see him playing!
  18. Couldn't the do it something more like soccer where its more based on the defensive players position? It would make it a lot more speedy because the D wouldn't want to get caught flat footed... Maybe open more one on ones....
  19. It'd be nice if he could continue this pace! Maybe then they could trade him and get some prospects, etc. in return....

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