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  1. I would love to see that, but what I'd love to see even more is a total collapse and they slip out altogether.
  2. Just overall disappointment in this game. I really thought at home they were going to come out and show they were going to push for the playoff and instead they laid an egg.
  3. Shea Weber has one hell of a shot. WTH was Voracek doing?
  4. Lindblom whiff in zone leads to a Gallagher Goal.
  5. I think that is more the Announcers and Fans mindset and not the Coaches and Players mindset. I think they prepare exactly the same and go into the game prepared one game at a time to get the points and after the 3rd period ends they will see where they stand at that point. I don't think they come into the game with a mindset of you lose this game your done until there backs are completely up against the wall. That is just my opinion.
  6. I understand the whole jinx stuff even though I don't believe in it. The team is headed in the right direction in my opinion. I mean look at the Flames this season and who would have thought they would be where they are today or the season before with Vegas. Why can't it be Philly next season?
  7. A full season with Carter Hart next season is going to be special to watch. I also think Konecny, Lindblom, and Patrick will continue to improve and put up great numbers. Ivan Provorov is going to be one of the D-Men in the league as the team continues to improve. I will be shocked if this team does not make the playoffs next season.
  8. Haha LMAO, I didn't even realize the typo but it certainly fits.
  9. Yeah, that is what boggles my mind. He has one start since coming here and has played in two games total. If it is the teams reasoning to shop him down the road to be a starter then showcase him at least as a spell for Hart. As for what he is doing now when it comes time to move him if that is what the plan is they aren't even going to get a bag of used pucks for him because he hasn't been good this season.
  10. So true, it drives me crazy. Now with Carter Hart though maybe those days are coming to an end.
  11. Another question I have is why do the Flyers always seem to have to go with the 3 headed Goalie system? To me that is nothing more than a big headache.
  12. Montreal is on a 2 game slide and is really in need of a win to keep any slime chance of making the playoffs alive. The Flyers had a good game in there last game and will look to continue that at home to keep there slime chances of post season hopes alive.
  13. I can understand your point with the money, but what was the point in acquiring Talbot in the first place then? Not to just have him sit there and not have him play at all.
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