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17 hours ago, GratefulFlyers said:

I guess I’m just not acclimated yet to the constant criticism, even as I (mostly) understand where it’s coming from.


This place to many is therapy for us to be able to vent frustrations about this club and it seems endless problems.


And it is a lot to do with your timing honestly (i won't speak for anyone else but it is how i look at it) is that by the time you have came around here well there isn't a whole lot to crow about from a positive stand point to be stated.


And it has been that way for far too long. It just doesn't feel like they are headed in the right direction.


And myself i get alot of that from by mom...when i would bring the ol report card home from school i could 4 or 5 A's and B's and 1 F and well i never got much of a pat on the back for doing good in some areas because she was to busy bitching at me for my one F. It isn't always right but just sometimes how the world works no credit for the good stuff only complaints about the bad.


Such are the Flyers as well. Nothing good to talk about only the issues plaguing them.


So many of us here come to voice our unhappiness maybe crack some jokes at the Flyers expense and just have some good banter back in forth.


Sure we can disagree and sometimes yeah it can get heated maybe but it usually comes from a good place.


And that too maybe hard to see i get it. But most of us here all want the same thing. And i also hope we get to chat about that and getting what we want before to long.


However it looks like a major rebuild is on the horizon and well seems a lot of bitching to do is coming.


So hold on tight and enjoy the ride.....there will be turbulence!!!!!!!



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End the embarrassment.   $5.6M hit next season. $1.33M the year after that.   Give the Kraken a 2nd to take Voracek. Retain salary.   Do some ****ing thing.   End this era of medocrity, failure, and embarrassment.   And fire Holmgren. I don't want to see him in the background of a highlight video.   Give Bob Clarke a gold watch and a retirement home in Flin Flon.   End it.   Now.

Clearly.   My fantasies are so much better than this.   And they really don't involve hockey.   Although one involved someone related by marriage to a former Nashville Predator, but it really didn't involve hockey.   It may have ended with the tires being slashed and the headlights being blown out on my 4-wheel drive.

If they would rather cut bait now instead of trying to trade him later then I'm all for it.   But when I look at the roster he isn't priority #1 right now.   #1 Find a new home for Jake. #2 Find a new partner #2 for Ivan. #3 Find a new home for JVR. #4 Find a new home for Giroux   To me this is the offseason plan to kick off golf season.   And we can move these around priority wise some but this is where I start.  

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On 4/13/2021 at 10:51 PM, radoran said:

End the embarrassment.


He could always step up like Milan did....


Milan Lucic Agrees To Waive NMC For Expansion Draft


What better time than now.....Hayes you know why not do the same see which the Kraken would prefer right???

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On 4/15/2021 at 6:19 PM, GratefulFlyers said:

I guess I’m just not acclimated yet to the constant criticism, even as I (mostly) understand where it’s coming from.

I understand. It isn't so much that I get frustrated over the performance of the team itself. I have seen many a disappointing Flyers season in my life. It is the fact, that the organization refuses to change. They refuse to look into their OBVIOUS flaws, see that there's something wrong, and make an honest, sincere and significant attempt to fix it. No less than 24 hours after the Inquirer article, Mike Sielski talks to Dave Scott, and he emphatically and defiantly states that no significant changes will be made. They, including Scott, are out of touch with MUCH of their own fanbase, and are compelely DETACHED from reality, and they need to KNOW it or be let know about it.

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On 4/14/2021 at 12:20 PM, SCFlyguy said:

Fantasy hockey is the Flyers continuing to hold on to their good players the last 10 years hoping they could rebuild while still remaining competitive.


This thing needs to be nuked from orbit.



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