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Game 47: Flyers at Rangers; 4/23/21 @ 7


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I am posting the YouTube highlights for those (like me) who didn't watch the game:





It looks like the commentators were right--we can't seem to follow through on a winning performance.  Lyon looked OK, except for one that channeled Leighton.  


I'll try not to forget this Sunday's game.  



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1 hour ago, OccamsRazor said:

Earn that pay boys. No worries.

Occ:  It is not like me to forget a game post.  I even forgot the game.  This season and aging are catching up.  


One of the South Broad Nation writers said something both pathetic and true--he didn't want to keep writing the same thing over and over.  BTW, he (maybe she) said that we are probably learning that Lyon is a fine AHL goalie but probably nothing more than a spot starter in the Big League.  If nothing else, that may be something positive about these games.  The writer also thought Cates was OK but needs time in the A to develop.


Hopefully, I won't forget tomorrow but might not watch anyhow.


Stay thirsty my friend.

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6 hours ago, OccamsRazor said:

Giroux -3


Voracek -2


Earn that pay boys. No worries.





and that's with LESS THAN 60 minutes of effort...if they tried harder, think the heights they could reach


G-5 & V-4 AT LEAST   :NinjaLookLeftRight1:

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