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McDavid 100 points in 53 games

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Connor McDavid only needs 53 games to score 100 points


With 96 points in 52 games, it looked like Connor McDavid would reach 100 points by the end of the season. It turns out McDavid reached 100 points … before the end of Saturday’s game. You can watch Connor McDavid score his 100th point of 2020-21 in the video above.

McDavid reaches 100 points, and the 2020-21 season isn’t over

Through two periods of Saturday’s Canucks – Oilers game, McDavid scored four points (1G, 3A). In doing so, McDavid already locked down the unthinkable: 100 points in this shortened season.

To be specific, McDavid reached 100 points in 53 games in 2020-21. He didn’t add to that total in the third period, the slacker.

As the NHL notes (with a fitting mind-blown emoji), McDavid became the ninth player to score at least 100 points in just 53 games.


Through much of this run, McDavid’s push for 100 seemed a little silly. Then, as he really revved up, it began to look reasonable — if difficult — for someone of his superlative skills. Even Wayne Gretzky thought he could do it.


With the third period remaining, McDavid sits at 32 goals and 68 assists for those 100 points. Truly, it seems fitting that he set up Leon Draisaitl for that milestone moment.

And now the Oilers face some “champagne problems.”


How much should they rest Connor McDavid, since he’s already reached that point? On one hand, you risk injury, or fatigue. On the other hand, he’s been blazing-hot, so Edmonton might be scared to mess with a good thing.


(The Oilers seem locked in as the second seed in the North Division. The Maple Leafs clinched the top spot on Saturday.)


Either way, it’s an incredible achievement. All apologies to Nathan MacKinnon, but let’s recall this moment the next time we wonder if number 97 isn’t the No. 1 player in the NHL.

Want more? This video captures McDavid’s big night:

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Its kinda gross. despite 2 shortened due to covid seasons in a row and him missing half his rookie year due to a freak accident breaking his collarbone, he's been something of an ironman otherwise. 6 seasons in and he nearly has 600 points.

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23 minutes ago, J0e Th0rnton said:

 missing half his rookie year due to a freak accident breaking his collarbone, 


And when he got back he was baited with taunts of "Collar McBroken" 😆


But yeah, he's a true natural talent. It would be good if he did eventually hold the cup

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