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Islanders Semyon Varlamov snubbed in Vezina Trophy vote


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Today, the NHL announced that the three finalists for the Vezina Trophy. None were New York Islanders goalie Semyon Varlamov. And that’s absolutely ridiculous. Varlamov not only deserved to be a finalist but to win the award outright.

               SV%    GAA     SO      GSAA                       

Vasilevskiy    6    8        4              3
Grubauer    8    2           1              23
Fleury           3    3       3        6


Varlamov    2    4         1              2

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I'm wondering if he will continue to be snubbed because of his time in Colorado and the domestic violence charges and the subsequent scandal/blackmail/craziness.

That's not the kind of thing people forget. Regardless of the charges being dropped, there will always be a tinge of the cray cray when his name comes up.


It's not fair, but plausible. 

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Not sure how deep into stats the people that nominate Vezina candidates look, but here are some side by side comparisons for basic stuff and some cats a bit deeper.
But I gotta say, when you have 4 quality netminders like these, and can only choose 3, well, a snub IS going to take place somewhere!

I also want to say, I never was a fan of Grubauer being a legit starter, but I may have to eat those opinions because he sure impressed and continues to impress this season.
Granted, he could do a "Cam Talbot" have an awesome year, followed up by a bunch of mediocre ones, but until/if that happens, the man deserves his status as a Vezina candidate THIS year.

Basic stats have Varly looking pretty good, except for the mentioned team stat losses, but fair or not, I do believe those factor pretty heavily into these discussions, and his totals there are far fewer than the Vezina finalists.

Also, on the extended stats, have a look at RBS (Really Bad Starts).....that is games where the goalie's sv% was below .850 in a given game.
Yes, Grubauer didn't do so well there either, but Varly's low win totals, along with a relatively high number of those, doesn't work in his favor.
QS% (Quality starts) percentage is outstanding for Varly, so it seems the man was either really good, or had real clunker games....perhaps a bit less prone to extremes either way?

Also, look at the high danger or point blank Sv% (shots from 15 ft or less)...Grubauer simply blows everyone away there.

Hey, not saying Varlamov didn't get snubbed, and perhaps even some off ice stuff, as was mentioned, played a part, but also not saying Varly should have been a slam dunk to be included either.




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