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Looks like the Hawks will be 6/6 on the trip.

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I was confused by the Hawks offseason, I didnt understand the need for that much grit with that little actual skill added. Brunette is a third line winger on a good team at this point. Carcillo is a joke. Emery had a good run with the Ducks last year and you needed a backup, so not a bad signing at the time. Montador made sense as a 4-5 defenseman, okay signing. Mayers takes the same dumb penalties and is out of position as often as when he was a rookie. O'donnell is a fourty year old statue. I am a Wings fan, NONE of these signings scared me, made me think that Chicago closed the gap at all. Montador is the best of them for goodness sake. Bowman did a terrible job. The team that won the cup in 2010 was Tallons championship. Bowman has done a terrible job and the team will continue to slip back as long as he is in charge.

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I don't agree so much that the Hawks made all poor decisions in the offseason. I agree they shouldn't have bothered with Carcillo. If you needed grit, you got too much with him. The Hawks, as a team, are just not producing. Crawford is having an off year. I won't even mention Pat Kane. The injry bug has swept through and taken out their top players on both ends of the ice.

The Hawks can pull it together. I don't think they have the stuff to win it all this year, but they didn't last year either. But this team, as it is constructed, can make a dent in the playoffs, once they start clicking.

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