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From The Athletic - Flyers Poll/Survey (Part 8) - Final Question - Favorite Player(s)


The Athletic Flyers Poll/Survey  

16 members have voted

  1. 1. Who is your current favorite Flyers player(s) - you "may" pick up to 5 - you may pick "none"

    • Sean Couturier
    • Travis Konecny
    • Cam Atkinson
    • Carter Hart
    • James van Riemsdyk (JVR)
    • Ivan Provorov
    • Travis Sanheim
    • Kevin Hayes
    • Oskar Lindblom
    • Scott Laughton
    • Joel Farabee
    • Rasmus Ristolainen
    • Cam York
    • Morgan Frost
    • Zack MacEwen
    • Owen Tippett
    • Ryan Ellis
    • Bobby Brink
    • None

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The Athletic has a poll/survey running on the State of the Union for the Flyers.  I will be posting some of their questions. 


They listed a lot of questions.  Here is Part 8.


Comment below for this question only

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1 minute ago, CoachX said:

Since I couldn't pick Laughton all five times, I chose none


I just edited the poll an added a "none" choice if you want to go back and select none.  Thanks :)

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Lots of fans are certainly hoping that Couturier can return to form, and not just because it would be a major boon to the Flyers in the short term. It’s because with Giroux gone, Couturier is the clear most popular player on the team — at least per this survey.


Couturier locked up over a third of the vote in the “favorite player” poll, a seven percentage point increase over his standing in 2021 (26.2 percent), likely picking up some of the vacated Giroux votes, the previous fan vote leader. Other big gainers were Hart (4.8 percent to 16.12 percent), Scott Laughton (1.4 percent to 6.78 percent) and Farabee (7.1 percent to 11.47 percent). Couturier, Hart and Farabee were the only ones to clear 10 percent this year, setting them in their own tier in the post-Giroux era.


My take ....

Outside of Coots / Hart / Farabee ....there are few players that fans are cheering for ......


Who are the 6 sick people who voted for James VanSLOTHdyke as their favorite player?????  :dizzysmiley-1:

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1. Who is your current favorite Flyers player(s)

Not being a Flyers fan, I will approach this question from a standpoint of, "If I could magically just have five players appear on the roster of the Lightning or Wild, which five would they be?"
And this also puts aside any contracts, so not going to consider who is making "too much money" or anything like that. 
Simply, player on the Flyers I wouldn't mind playing for my team(s).

In no particular order, I will list them, along with a brief reason why:

1-- Sean Couturier.
Smart player, solid 2C at the dot and playing a two way game, could be an ELITE level 3C on a deep team like the Lightning for instance. May not be blazing fast, but his skillset says he can make the puck move faster by distributing it pretty quickly...faster than he ever could lugging it himself. He can play for my teams anytime!

2--Joel Farabee.
Mentioned him in an earlier part of these questions.... very good, if inconsistent, player with a true NHL scoring touch that needs better linemates and a better overall team philosophy to get the most out of him. He won't carry any line, but can be a big contributor to any line he is on with some more seasoning and confidence building.

3--Zack MacEwen.
This guys compete level is pretty damned high. His overall skill set may leave a lot to be desired, but I've seen worse from bottom six caliber players and he doesn't seem to coast at any time, take shifts off, or act like he is disinterested once a game starts. He gives you everything he has, such as it is, and that can be an asset to any team's 3rd or 4th lines. I like him.

4--Travis Konecny.
Much like Farabee, needs to be more consistent, and needs good, regular linemates to be a solid contributor. He too isn't a "line carrier", but if put on with other players who can cover for him when he is on his valleys, his overall penchant for shooting the puck, plus his underrated agitation abilities, make him a desirable linemate in the vein of an Ondrej Palat or Alex Killorn for instance, who play for the Lightning.

5--Ivan Provorov.
I actually have been watching his play ever since the Bolts acquired Mikhail Sergachev as I felt both were similar players and as a fan of the Lightning, was always eager to see if the Bolts got the "better" young Russian defenseman.
Their numbers for awhile were similar, as were their roles on the team at first (both seemed solid 2nd pair guys with a chance to be a top pair guy at some point), and both seemed to play a similar style (puck movers mix with positional play, some grindy checking, although Sergachev seems to have much more snarl to his game that Provy doesn't quite have).

But somewhere along the way, while Sergachev steadily improved, Provorov regressed. A LOT of that, I am sure, has to do with the surrounding roster and what was being asked of the two Russian players.
Sergachev was admittedly "sheltered" and slowly worked into the big minutes because the Bolts COULD do that, while Provorov was more or less thrown in the deep end head first, because the Flyers could NOT afford to work him in slowly.

Still though, Provorov with his head on straight could be a very good defenseman, if not an absolute top pair 1D, at least a 2D with the right partner or a leading 3D on the second pair.....pretty much what I see Sergachev continuing to develop into, so wouldn't mind him on my squads either.

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