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Keith Yandle retires ......


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Yandle retires from NHL, holds consecutive games played record at 989

36-year-old defenseman played 16 seasons






He won't be inducted, and no team will retire his numbers.


Phil Kessel will become the new IRON MAN this season!

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I remember Yandle in Arizona, simply drooling over his finess, his skating, his vision with hopes and dreams that he would someday be a Wing. 


He came to the Coyotes and ran the 30 something Jovanovski out of town and was supposed to be the next great thing. He was talented but never quite as good as he was supposed to be, and when OEL came along he ran him out of town yandle was dealt to the Rangers. (an aside, in the same way, OEL was found wanting and ran out of town to make way for Chychrun who now is in desfavor and may be ran out of town in favor of Ghost who will himself be ran out of town in the next year or two in favor of Moser. Gotta love perpetual rebuilds, lol).


  Never as good as he was supposed to be. In Arizona it was blamed on a sub par team, he made the game look effortless at times, A year and change in the apple followed by the bulk of his prime time on a middling at best Florida club before shuffling off in a stumbling, rumbling bumbling season in Philly where he was a well earned minus 47 to lead the league, double digits worse than anyone else in the game. 


  When i think of Yandle i will think of opportunity missed. 16 seasons, only 7 playoff appearances, only twice making it past the first round. I still see his effortless stride that he had in his prime wearing a desert dog on his chest, but looking back it may have been his lack of effort more than anything. Some people seem to love the game,in later years in spite of setting the iron man streak it seemed to be less a labor of love and more simply labor for him. 


  I was hoping to see him in Detroit when Lidstrom retired. So very glad to have never had that happen. He will not be missed.

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2 minutes ago, NHL HHOF said:

And it seems to me
He lived his life 
Like a Yandle in the Wind.
Never knowing who his man was
When the puck went in.

And I would’ve liked to sign him,
But I was just a kid.
Keith Yandle sat out long before
Phil Kessel ever did.


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Yandle is apparently retiring a Flyer?


Which kind of says it all when you're last season is with a team that had one of the worst seasons ever while also breaking your "iron man" streak.


And no one else wants to sign you to a one day contract.

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