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Lightning acquire goalie Anders Lindback from Predators

Guest doom88

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Lightning acquire goalie Anders Lindback from Predators

By Kevin Allen, USA TODAY

The Tampa Bay Lightning, looking to strengthen their goaltending, have acquired Nashville's 6-6 backup goalie Anders Lindback to compete for the starting job next season.

"He was brought to Tampa Bay to compete and win the battle as the No. 1 guy," said NBC analyst Darren Pang, a former goaltender and longtime friend of Tampa Bay general manager Steve Yzerman. "Along with Mathieu Garon, the Lightning now have a very solid tandem."

The Lightning gave up the 37th and 50th picks in this year's draft, plus a third-rounder next season, and minor league goalie Seabstien Caron, to land the Swedish-born Lindback. The Predators are also giving up center Kyle Wilson and a seventh-round pick. Wilson played five games for the Predators this past season.

"It's a good news, bad news situation for us," said Predators general manager David Poile. "The good news is that we have Pekka Rinne signed for seven years. The bad news is that it makes it uncomfortable for your young goalies trying to get the opportunity to play."

Meanwhile, Poile said he continues to hope that the Predators can re-sign defenseman Ryan Suter, even though Poile concedes that Suter will probably explore his options after July 1. The Detroit Red Wings and Minnesota Wild are teams that appear to covet Suter and have the resources to sign him, but there will be other suitors.

"I'm not negative about our chances," Poile said. "I still believe we are a good fit for what Ryan wants in a team. I will continue to be optimistic that he will re-sign."

Poile said he believes Lindback has the ability to be a No. 1 goalie.

"(Lindback) has many assets, covers plenty of net," Pang said. "He is very competitive, never giving up on a play. And, he has been developed by Mitch Korn, one of the best goalie coaches in the NHL."

Lindback said it was is his "dream" to be a starting goalie.

"It's going to be great playing on such an offensive team." Lindback said. "Obviously, having Steven Stamkos, Vinny (Lecavalier) and Marty (St. Louis) on your team is exciting for anyone. It's the kind of team I want to be a part of."

Yzerman said the Lightning had prioritized finding goaltending help in the offseason and decided that Lindback fit the profile of the kind of the goalie they needed.

"He's relatively inexperienced, but we think he has tremendous potential," Yzerman said. "We gave up a significant amount to get him, but there weren't a lot of options, so we paid a hefty price, but we thought the return was worth it. We feel he's ready, and in talking to him, he is excited about the opportunity to take on more."

Lindback, 24, has been Pekka Rinne's backup, and has played 38 games over the past two seasons and owns a .914 career save percentage. Garon had Tampa Bay's top save percentage last season (.901).

The return on Lindback was important to the Predators because they are considered one of the league's better drafting teams.

Nashville had no first- or second-round pick before making this deal. The Predators had given up their first-round pick in the Paul Gaustad trade before the deadline and gave up their second-rounder in the Hal Gill acquisition.

"We are always bullish at the draft," Poile said, adding, "We have to keep our cupboards full."

Shea Weber, Kevin Kline and Roman Josi are examples of players whom Nashville has picked up in the second round.



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@doom88 I was just about to start a thread about this. I must say, I'm PISSED. Why could we have given up a couple 2nd's or 3rd's and a prospect. This guy should have been at the top of Homers shopping list. Legit talent, low cost, fairly cheap to acquire.

The NUMBER 1 thing to do on Homers list was upgrade the back up position....so when Bryz fails (and we know he will) we still have a chance to win. So what do we do....let Vokoun and Lindback slip to Conference rivals who got them both for fairly cheap. Why is Homer not in on this?!?!? Maddening!!!

This kid Lindback is not proven, but most agree his skill set is real nice....lot of upside there....smart move by Stevie Y....he could have solved his number one problem for a few 2nd rounder and a bum prospect....unreal. It's only a matter of time till Stevie has this team in the thick of things in the East.

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@flyercanuck As far as I can tell, we dealt our 2nd rounder to the Bolts for Mezaros (#50 overall). We acquired a second from LA in the Richards deal, but that was shuffled over to the Stars in the Grossman deal. We also got a 2nd in the Versteeg deal from the Panthers, but it's their option on whether it's a 2012 second rounder or a 2013. So....we *might* have a 2nd.

Edit..even worse, it appears Tamap Bay did this deal with one of our picks (that 2nd for Mez)....

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This kid Lindback is not proven, but most agree his skill set is real nice....lot of upside there...

Um, Bobs is MORE proven than Lindback and two years younger. Philly could get him on an offer sheet and I will guarantee you that offer sheet will cost allot less than the draft picks and prospects.

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I think Tampa Bay inquired about Bob, thus the initiation of all the "trade Bob" and the "Flyers will upgrade the backup goalie position".

rumors. Lindback takes up a lot of net. I think the move makes an interesting twist in the goalie free agency. I really thought Tampa would have gone after Harding.

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