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How about a 3-team trade? (Not a rumor.)

Guest AndyS

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You KNOW that Luongo wants out of Vancouver.

You KNOW that Nash wants out of Columbus.

You KNOW that most of us would like to rid ourselves of the Universal Philosopher in Net (Bryz).

Why not try to swing a deal where we get Luongo, Vancouver gets Nash, and Columbus takes Bryz, Read, and a pick (maybe a pick from Van too)? Something like that. Just a thought. That deals actually frees up cap space for Columbus.

Bryz might actually find himself in a place where there are lower expectations. (I suspect he would not mind a change of scenery.)

What do you think?

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I don't think Bryz's problem is expectations.

I think the problem was the media and, especially, 24/7 exposure on HBO.

I'd like to see how he does without all that.

And I think there is no way in hell that Columbus takes Bryz as compensation for Nash even with Read (who is worth notverymuch) and a pick.

And if you've been disappointed in Bryzgalov, I can't even IMAGINE what you would think about Luongo...

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Luongo has a pretty good track record.

Which is why Vancouver is greasing a rail out of town?

Well, let's see....


Bryz 33-16-7, 2.48, .909

Luongo 31-14-8, 2.41, .916


Bryz 36-20-10, 2.48, .921

Luongo 38-15-7, 2.11, .928


Bryz 42-20-6, 2.29, .920

Luongo 40-22-4, 2.57, .913


Bryz 189-132-42 (.578), 2.52, .915

Luongo 339-283-33-40 (.540) , 2.52, .919

If Luongo has a "pretty good track record" what does Bryz have?

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A pretty good playoff track record, including helping his team get to a game #7 in the Finals.

So he's been involved in one fewer Cup-winning teams than Bryzgalov? (3-1, 2.25, .922 in the Ducks' Cup-winning run)

Noted. ;-)

Luongo never took the Panthers to the playoffs. Never. Bryzgalov took the Phoenix Coyotes to the playoffs twice.

Career playoff

Luongo is 32-27, 2.50, .917

Bryz 17-19, 2.81, .908

What exactly has Luongo "proven" in the playoffs? In his big run to Game 7 he was 2.56, .914 - pretty much in line with his career as a playoff failure in Vancouver.

Luongo's entire playoff track record is for a team expected to compete for, if not win the Stanley Cup. Bryzgalov had a solid playoff record for contenders with the Ducks and took the moribund Coyotes franchise to the playoffs for the first time in seven seasons.

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