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Guest Vanflyer

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Okay- this is take one. I will need help from Digity on this (mostly regarding posting- I will maintain).

What I have compiled (after getting blocked out by FirstRow sports due to some regional issues), is a listing of various places to get hockey streams. Folks have given me sites and I have found sites on my own.

I have learned some things, but do not know everything. Here is what I know.

1) How it works- Though it will be crude, it is basically a peer to peer, then distribution system (it basically protects the origin of the source feed). There are many places (5 I know of when it comes to sports /hockey) where anyone can stream a game on the internet (be a feeder) to share with others that are untraceable (relatively)- Casablanca, Live364, METV are a few.

Once someone chooses to share those feeds, there are sites that pick said feeds (games) up and make them available to the masses. The list I have compiled is essentially those sites that share the feeds with the masses. You can go from site to site and find many of the same sites that are broadcasting.

Some sites are very intrusive with adware- to the extent its hard to get around sometimes. The one trick I have learned is that when you get a feed, you can get out of the feeders site / adware intrusion by clicking in the right hand corner of the feed source (ie Casablanca, Live365). That will take out the middleman and the adware (for the most part).

(the next game I will do some screen shots with exactly how to do this).

2) Things to be aware of- Some feeders sources will ask you to download some software to view the feed. I have found that often these are malware, so I advise against it. As long as you have a flash player (ie. Adobe), you will be fine. If they want you to download software to view, just keep going to another link / source.

I am attaching my file. I have 9 links so far. I did a grading system based on 1-10. It is definitely subjective and can be revised. But the nut of it is I used a ranking on multiple sourse feeds + stream speed (totally subjective) - adware. The maximum for any category is 5.

For example:

If FirstRow had multiple sources for feeds (say 4), they would get a score of 4. If the stream signal was consistently strong, they would get another 4. That makes 8. If they had a ton of adware, they would get another 4. It brings the total to 4 (4+4-4).

It is my first attempt and MrX had me "puss" drinking all day (my caveat for the sloppiness). I am welcome to any and all suggestions. I don't mind maintaining. I will refer to Digity on how best channel this (perhaps just on this thread alone).

Peace and happy holidays-



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Check your mail. I could not get the files embedded or uploaded. I gave your the xcel and word. I am willing to maintain moving forward, but just need instructions on how to get the files on here (its allot of work on my end to be able to send anything here for whatever reason).



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@Vanflyer What an excellent project van....very nice of you to compile such a comprehensive list, much less rating them for performance. I don't recall a single time in live game chat when someone didn't need a link because of where they were etc....so a very, very valuable resource you are compiling. Great work! Maybe when you work out the kinks and it's all postable, digity can sticky it somewhere.

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Thanks jammer. I sent the files to Digity, so we should have something posted here shortly when he has time. I know there are many Flyers fans that are not in the Philly area and / or oversees. The project was born out of my frustration with FirstRow (it has a automatic redirect where I am).

Its kind of cool, because some of the sites have other hockey if one is bored or just wants to see what is going on in other leagues (Swedish Elite League and KHL in particular).

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since the feds have seized and shutdown one of our favorites sites. firstrowsports.tv, i'v found the missed the mirror site firstrowsports.eu. this is up and running in fact i'm watching the sixers/heat game as i type this. i know rule state no mention of basketball here but just wanted to pass the info along. happy streaming

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