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Frazer McLaren Knocks Out Dave Dziurzynski

Guest AlaskaFlyerFan

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The video quality is not that great, but Holy Schnike!! He was still out and couldn't keep his feet under himself when they were dragging him off the ice.


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Was watching this game live, what a wicked knock out! The more I see of this McLaren kid, the more I like him. He's a BIG part of the Leafs turnaround. Apparently a 7th round pick for the Sharks in 07...what an amazing find. Here we have a tough, mobile, d-man who is a nice skater also, adding toughness and grit...goes 6'5 and 250 also. This Fraser McLaren and the other big new addition Kostka have revitilized the leafs back end....much, much better than the stiff Komsarik....tougher, bigger, faster....what an amazing find for the Leafs, the real deal IMHO.


actually, Holzer was the other kid I was thinking about, big, tough, rugged...and Kostka, they have seeminly pulled half their defense out of a hat, with spectacular results. Kostka is more fineese than the other two, but now kids like Blacker have an even bigger hill to climb to the NHL, a good problem to have for the Leafs....part of the reason I honestly believe this Leafs team is for real.

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I have read elsewhere people talking about the debate over fighting in Hockey. To them I say, What debate?

I love the game of Hockey, and that includes fighting. Not saying we need to go back to the days of porn mustaches and broad street bullies and big bad Bruins, but a good ole butt whoopin every now and then to get the juices flowing is part of the game, as long as it is within the confines of the code. Don't try to fight an already inured player, don't challenge someone towards the end of their shift, a tooth for a tooth, that is hockey. For those who want to take this out of the game, I say stuff it.

As a Wings fan, I have watched the club get softer and softer and saw mediocre players take advantage of our stars with zero retaliation. I remember a game last year against the Coyotes when every time Pavel Datsyuk touched the ice Boyd Gordon was out there smacking him in the ankles with his stick, following him closer than his shadow, and nobody did a damn thing. I was screaming at the television, not a single Wing stood up to the little snot.

Over the summer we added Tootoo, and while I have never been a fan of this type of player, with him on board and having more fights in the first 20 games than anyone on the Wings over the whole season last year our star players have more liberties on the ice. Just like McLaren opens up the ice for the Leaf skill players.

The only sad part is Dziurzynski will likely go the way of John Van Boxmeer who got destroyed by Dave Schultz 40 years ago while playing for the Habs. Van Boxmeer disappeared to the minors, was banished to the Colorado Rockies and never really quite developed as the player he was expected to be. One good punch can end your career in more ways than one.

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@yave1964 "One good punch can end your career in more ways than one."

Who can ever forget the Nov.9th 2008 end of Nick Kyproes's career? That one shot from Kyle Vandenbusche effectively ended his time in the NHL. When he lied in that pool of his own blood, sadly, it was the defining moment of his injury shortened career.

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