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Mathias Niederberger. Plays for our local Junior A club the Barrie Colts. Undrafted 20 year old. leads the entire OHL with a .934 save percentage and is 3rd with a 2.29 GAA. This is on the highest scoring team in the east where Dale Hawerchuk coaches a similiar style to Laviolette. The difference is Niederberger is extremely athletic, can stand on his skates, can actually catch the puck, has cat-like reflexes and isn't a headcase that his entire team hates. His smaller size (5'11" 170 lbs) is what's kept him from being drafted. He's likely not a longterm answer because of that, but he's better than anything we have in our system right now and could likely be grabbed with a late pick or maybe signed as a FA after the draft.

Oh, and he can stop guys on breakaways.

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@flyercanuck Far to often you see some of these 20 year old OHL goalies get ingnored for some reason or another. Be it flawed size or some other technical problem, once they are not drafted they are often forgotten. A good chance to jump in and sign a prospect with nothing to lose but a little bit of Comcast's cash. Sounds like he would make a better AHL canidate than Cal Heeter, or at least compete with him. I'm in, where do we sign? Quite often, these goalies can have outstanding seasons and still get totally ignored, never really understood it.

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