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NHL14 Cover Vote Finals - Care to guess who's left?


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man.. i swear that there's so much hate for the flyers out there in the hockey world that most of the votes were put in for Bob just to spite us flyers fans.

Haha, either that or it's really just a painful testament to how astronomically bad Homer/Snider screwed up.

Best athleticism and focus they've ever seen. Traded away for a 2nd rounder.

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im not defending homer since i hate his guts more than anyone, but everyone is acting like he won a cup for columbus and they didnt even get to the playoffs, i mean who cares? if he's winning cups i understand the bashing but we dont know what kind of goalie he could have been for this team or will be for columbus, he had one good season but it doesnt mean anything either, he could have a bad season next year, you dont know what you have in young unproven goalies, they could be great or they could be terrible.

you just dont know.

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you dont know what you have in young unproven goalies

Except they did know what they had. Both Homer and Snider have been directly quoted as saying Bob had the best athleticism they've ever seen. And I think it was Homer who said he had an intense focus on the game and getting better.

Those are the kinds of players you keep around.

Bob hasn't won a Cup. His team didn't even make the playoffs. But he was one of the few bright spots for a bottom-of-the-barrel organization. And he's becoming what many hoped he would become, including Homer I'm sure. He just needed an extra season or two, but we didn't have the patience. I mean, the guy's only 24!

Carter and Richards may repeat as Cup winners with LA. Just a little more salt in the wound... but par for the course!

The Flyers have always been a "grass is greener" type organization

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