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West Conference Final: Blackhawks vs Kings



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  1. 1. Who will be the Western Conference Champion?

    • Blackhawks in 4
    • Blackhawks in 5
    • Blackhawks in 6
    • Blackhawks in 7
    • Kings in 4
    • Kings in 5
    • Kings in 6
    • Kings in 7

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Could very well be the 4 best teams in hockey advanced to the Conference Finals. That's the way it should be and as a fan, can't wait to see who steps up for their respective squad. Top Team in the West regular season against the Stanley Cup Champs?!!? This is gonna be one for the ages guys!!

Wow, is it fun to watch the Hawks defense in action. Very savvy group that skates like the wind. A mirror image of the Kings defense. There is a few slower guys like Regher etc, but for the most part, the best two skating defense's in hockey with the Rags coming a close 3rd. Duncan Kieth does not get talked about enough, he's a superstar in my eyes, does everything at an elite level. Doughty is having an incredible playoff, bordering on greatness. I actually thought there was a chink in the Drew armour (ie dropping point totals for 3 straight years)....and I was foolish to even consider it, he shut me up but quick (pun intended).

Another guy I really like to watch is Voynov on the Kings. This kid makes the all star team next year, terriffic offensive dman who has great vision. He's in Drew's shadow a bit, which is a shame, cause he is a star in his own right.

The Hawks are getting tremendous play from Bickell. Driving to the net with alarming consistency.....vicious drive and determination, wicked bodychecks.....this guy has evolved into a legit power forward during these playoffs. Reminds me of what Lucic is doing in the East, but Lucic has better hands.

Another key for the Hawks, getting solid production out of the line of out of the Shaw/Stalberg line, which allows them to mix and match with the top 6 a lot better.

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Hard to go against Quick at his point. I know the Hawks come at you in talented waves, but JQ is so competitive and playing with such confidence right now I have a hard time seeing him lose to a team backstopped by Crawford. The Kings are good and deep as well, so it's not like JQ will need to make 50 saves a night either.

Kings in a minor upset, 6 games close it out at the Stapler.

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