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Are the Jackets better or worse now than at the end of the season?

Guest yave1964

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I am not so sure.

Vinnie Prospal, granted he is 146 years old has been the heart of their offense and was allowed to leave.

Nathan Horton was brought in to replace him, more than adequate but will be out until Decemberish.

No other significant moves, keeping Bob and Comeau, nobody really of significance other than that, Skille is a 13th forward, St. Denis is a 7th d-man, three first round picks who are going to be NHLers but none this year.

Bob cannot possibly be as good next year, can he? Just not possible. To me the add/subtract from this season to the next who makes the biggest difference is Ryan Murray, last years irst round pick, 2nd pick in the draft who missed the whole season with a shoulder injury. If he steps in and is Seth Jones the Jackets will be better, if not they will be more of the same, borderline playoff team hoping for a break.

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@yave1964 Yah as much as I don't like Horton cuz he's fresh off the Bruins, it's too bad he'll be out for half a season, they could really use him. Even if Bob is not as good as last season, I'm sure he'll be good enough to carry his team through...to the playoffs, I'm not sure, but fun to root for them, esp. with Bob backing them. Yah let's just hope Murray is up to task & can become a huge plus for the team. A good team to watch for sure this coming season.

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I have no problem with the Bruins. My problem with Horton is that he's just not that good and his contract is a disaster.

But if Vinny Prospal is the heart and soul of anything, that thing is nothing more than a corpse. Switching Prospal for Horton is a wash. The problem is that, as noted, Horton is out until December.

I really don't think Columbus is better since the end of the season. Bob HAS to be at least as good or this team will go backwards.

I think Yave's prognosis is correct: borderline playoff team hoping for a break. I think given the way the "conferences" are set up right now, it's going to have to be more than one break and some fairly large ones. My guess is they finish no better than 11th in the conference.

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@yave1964 Murray is such a good skater, even as a rookie he should make the defense more mobile and efficient. The kid just carries himself like a star, I think he's gonna be a special player. Any help Bob gets back there, the more formidable the Jackets become. Love their bottom six. Rather than spend the big money on Horton, they should have invested in a legit #1 center and taken some of the heat off young Ryan Johansen.

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