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A second chance for Granlund

Guest hf101

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Last year Granlund failed to impress the Wild organization in his rookie season sending him back to Houston.  Durilng the preseason Charlie Coyle earned the chance to center teammates Heatley and Niederreiter, while Granlund was moved to wing on a line with Brodziak and Cooke.


With Coyle sidelined with a knee sprain suffered against the Ducks overtime loss Granlund will get another chance to show he is the real deal.   He should get some second line pp time.  Hopefully this time around his confidence level has increased because Granlund has been a star everywhere else.

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Mikael Granlund has grown by leaps n bounds since his debut last season.


It also helps that other Wild players on the forward lines have stepped up their games and/or have been consistent, allowing the young forward to adjust without the added pressure of "score now, play well NOW...or else".


That all said, he is learning to use his speed very well, is learning to trust his teammates, and even use his body (though not very large) as a missile when need be!


Also of note:

Last season, whenever Granlund was roughed up by the opposition, there would be very little in the way of retaliation from the team in support of him...that, thankfully has changed.

I am betting Granlund plays with a LOT more confidence knowing that if teams try to get in his face and off his game, his teammates will be there to support him in that manner.


Solid career for Granlund when all is said and done? Very possible...maybe even a bit more than just "solid".   ^_^

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Nice post.  Granlund and Pomminville have found some  good chemistry together.  Having second line scoring with regularity is key.for the Wild's success this season.

Thanks for the welcome, @hf101 (surprised there isn't an "introduction thread" here...unless I missed it..  :P  ).


For sure, secondary scoring will be key for Minnesota, though to be honest, goalie health (both Harding and Backstrom have been known to need stretches of time off) and smart defense will play  just as big a role in any success the Wild may have this season and beyond.


I look for Granlund to eventually become that number one center Minnesota has been lacking forever it seems like.

And I say "lacking a number one" because, while I do like Mikko Koivu, and believe he brings A LOT to this team, I never have, and just never will, consider him a true number one center.

And I have caught all kinds of heat from rabid Wild fans over that last statement, but I've watched the guy since he came up to the league and he is, on his best day, better suited to either a regular second line center, or even a scoring/crashing/grinding third line, provided one can find two big wingers who are capable of about 15-20 goals apiece.


And that is where Granlund comes in.

No, he doesn't have to be the number one guy now, but I am thinking that is where Minnesota should be directing his development for beyond this season.

I think the guy could have very easily gotten discouraged after a less-than-impressive debut...but he didn't. He just went to work, did what he needed to do, made the adjustments he needed to and now the rest will come with experience, IMO.


Jason Zucker seems to be in the position now that Granlund was in last season.....whether he makes the same necessary adjustments as Granlund will remain to be seen, but for the here and now, Mikael can just continue to work steadily to being "The Guy" on the team down the road.

And once again, this is NOT to discount Mikko Koivu as top center on the team (Mikko has even been seen on the bench seemingly mentoring young Mr. Granlund), its just that I believe on any other Stanley Cup-caliber team, Mikko would be a very good number two, or an elite number three.

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There is a new member forum.  It just only visible to members though, not guests.



Wow, I don't think I've read an opinion that Koivu didn't have the goods to be considered a #1 center in the NHL.  Where he might not be as talented as Crosby or Stamkos, he has carried the Wild the last few seasons, alone, for the most part.  Koivu like Bergeron is more of a pass first, defensively minded center.  Koivu has has never been surrounded by talent also the way other #1 centers have until Parise was signed.   I'm content with Koivu as the #1 center.


A few years down the road, sure Granlund could become the #1 guy, his defensive skills still need to improve.  I would think that that is still up to 3 years away.


I think the Wild will be cup contenders before Koivu is moved to the #2 spot though.

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