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Lets cut to the chase...this team is bad..


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On a good note, the defense and goaltending look good. The defense is playing solid defensively, but they lack mobility and creativity and are not gonna create much offense or transitions. The offense ,which is supposed to be the strong point, is doing nothing. Well, hopefully at the deadline we can unload Timmo, Streit and any other overpaid veteran. Its time  for Snider to face the facts, and maybe rake a couple of steps back, before we can move ahead. They blamed the coach, and they are playing the same way under the new coach. Maybe the team just isn't that talented and does not have the right mix and chemistry, what does Homers gut tell him now?


If we have to unload all the underachievers and high priced vets and be horrible for a few years, so be it. The best way to rebuild is through the draft. So if we are still mediocre at the deadline , its time to unload some guys and strat building a future.

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Why can't the skill players score? Giroux, Voracek, even Read all need to step it up big time. Puck meet net. Look at Talbot's goal. 1 goal for will not bode well, regardless of the penalty brigade. 35 sog, more than 1 needs to go in, period.

Mason is going to wish he was in Columbus by Christmas at this rate.

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The passing and puck decisions are so bad it is not funny. They get a hold of the puck and it looks like they do not know what to do with it. They just pass it in some random direction.....especially when they are clearing there own zone or when they enter the opposing zone. I am so sick and tired of the stupid ass backwards passing.


How many times do I see a player gun full force into the opposing zone to pass it back wards when they get to the net and the puck ends up going the other way...


The shots are low percentage...The only two players that have shown up thus far are Renaldo and Mason that's it!!!


Coburn needs to go, all the talent in the world he is horrible out there. Same old dumb mistakes all the time. The still young card is out the window he should be an all star dman with his skill set yet he is constantly on the ice when an opposing team scores... Giroux has all but disappeared also.

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