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Pommer beats us as Miller sits: Should coach go?

Buffalo Rick

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An old friend gets an ovation before the game and then beats us.   Poetic.  So we are as low as low can get.   One thing though, Ryan Miller will play tonight and he has a 941 save percentage even though he is 0-4.  That is pretty impressive for having no help.  He has played as good as any goalie in the NHL>  I wonder if him and Vanek will be spared and be realeased to a contender?  The season is over and we are two weeks in.  Pretty much, barring a miraculous turn around.  yes there is time and plenty of games.  But we are getting beat by a goal every night.  2-1 in Chicago and now this.   We are not as bad as our record and I think most people realize that.  I wonder if Rolston can survive this though?  Should he?

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  Well you cannot fire 20 players, lol. With the bunch you have on the ice on  a nightly basis it wouldn't matter if the love child of Toe Blake and Scotty Bowman was running the club, it would not help.

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I haven't followed the Sabres until lately.  But, seems to me,  there are a lot of unpaid spectators on the ice. 

The leader is Mike Weber.  Why are they so damn stupid not to see that Weber is on the ice for every game killer goal.  Every stinking turnover.   He is killing us

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